Tailoring & Alteration

Tailoring & Alteration: Good tailors recognize that garments need to have an ideal comfort. We have trusted services at a fair price with quick turnaround time. Also, we provide men and women’s services like dresses for weddings and help correct the fit of clothing.  If it’s a quick hem or a major change on your suit, we’ll help you in any way we can. Finally, we’ll make sure to do whatever you seem fit, to ensure your comfort.

Tailoring & Alteration

TAILORING & ALTERATION: If you’re in need of a professionally done, then you’re in luck. ZTailoring can make your clothes look amazing at a good price. First, you go to the ‘Appointment’ tab above and continue. Next, one of our tailors come to your house. After a few weeks, we deliver your garment tailored/altered. 

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer: For every design, we have a unique Fashion Designer — professional designers for different designs such as wedding gowns. Bride maids and suits for baptism. Prom suits, swimsuits, evening wear skirts, and formal custom suits.


TAILORING: We provide a services where your dream clothes come to life. You can design the correct color, shape, size, and so much more. We are here to help you make your dreams come true. 


ALTERATION: If you need a Wedding Gown Altered, Ztailoring is here to help. We provide high-quality service by creating exclusive looks for the clients. It would obviously be best if you had your Wedding Gown altered to ensure the best fit.  

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Our Services


We do all sorts of modifications for men. Once you schedule an appointment, we will arrive at your home. After, we take measurments to correct your garment. Later, or in the time you asked your garment to be returned, we will deliver it to your home.

Nice Tailoring & Alteration Gown For Nikki
wedding gown

All wedding gowns should be special, especially for the bride. And we provide that service, even for bridesmiads, mother, or mother-in-law. Weather you would like you dress beaded or not, we will ensure you have an amazing day. Finally, we want to contribute to making your day extra special.

How to Tailoring Alteration sewing Original Hem Jeans

Wedding gowns, tuxedo suits, and leather jackets, we do all sorts of alterations for men and women. Also, we do all forms of re-cutting and fittings in your home. After we finish, we return the altered garment to you.


Professional designers for different models. Baptism dresses and prom dresses, dinner wear, tops, and formal suits comparable to wedding gowns and bridesmaids. They also draw certain designs to help mold the final product.

Hand Made

We stitch and hand make tops with beaded designs. Also, we crochet scarves and sometimes even tops. Often, we'll stitch ever bead on so carefully hoping to get a beautiful outcome. After the women see the tops, they are always happy.


To begin with, we have completly become digital with out pattern making. Second, we have many advanced tools to help us. Lastly, custumizing digitally allows for less error.

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