Today we’re going to talk about Jeans jackets, or more specifically how to alter a jeans jacket. Why would you want to modify one?.
I love that they have history and stories and that there is wear that only aging, not fast track distressing, can add. But my old denim jacket didn’t fit anymore, so the single shortcut to that authentically worn look I love was to buy vintage.

Classic Jeans Jacket

There’s just one problem with that – my vintage choices were mostly limited to men’s jackets. And even the smallest men’s jacket that I could find still drowned my small frame. So I bought a less expensive one to see if I could alter it. To look intentionally and fashionably oversize instead of “here little girl, want to wear my jacket?


mans Jeans Jacket Alteration with Hat

This jacket isn’t going to stop my hunt for the perfect vintage jacket.
One that has the welt pockets at the sides, and I’d like a little bit less of a dropped shoulder, and a slimmer sleeve was something I was looking for. I took out the sleeves and most of the side seams – down to the waistband (because I wasn’t going to mess with hardware).
I tried the sleeveless jacket on the wrong side out, pinned out where I wanted the seams to be, tapering into the waist, and then out to the unaltered waistband. With a marked outline over the pins, I added a seam allowance beyond the line.

jacket jeans alteration

I compared my armscye measurement to the top of each Sleeve, again measuring on the seam line, and determined that I needed to cut 2 inches off each Sleeve. So I marked 1 inch on each side of the sleeve cap and tapered that to nothing at the wrist. Then I flat felled the seam on each Sleeve so that the sleeves were tubes again.
I re flat felled the seams to attach the sleeves back on, and I was done. At this point, a jacket that took me 2 hours to alter was sitting on the shelf for a year! From what I’ve learned, doing the altering isn’t as hard as I expect it to be.

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