Made To Measure Suit: While it’s a common belief that you wouldn’t wear a tuxedo in a church, what happens when you have to show up to a black-tie wedding? Is it appropriate then? How much can you bend the rules at a black-tie-optional event? Do they mean “semi-formal” in the casual sense or the older black-tie meaning? Is there really a difference between country-club casual and informal? If you are as confused as we sometimes are, have no fear. This article will help to decode the etiquette surrounding proper attire for any event that requires more than just a shirt and a pair of shoes.

Made To Measure Suit: In order for a suit to be considered custom, it should meet the following criteria:
 The suit is made from the pattern exclusively selected by and created for the client.
Our client has personally chosen the details of the suit, from the threads of the fabric to the buttons on the jacket.
There is at least one intermediary fitting, usually a scrap fitting, between the initial measurements and the final garment delivery.

Formal events are always going to be a part of our lives at some point or another, and in many cases, dressing for these formal events is surprisingly easy. If an invitation indicates black-tie attire, then it is assumed that you must wear a tuxedo. The same goes for white-tie events; while less common today, this is considered the most formal of all dress codes, Made To Measure Suit.  and there are very specific things that one would need to wear for an event like this.


from thousands of suit fabrics. We have nearly every color, every style. In retail stores, you can usually choose from a few dozen colors. In our custom shop, you can choose from thousands of colors.

Choose single-breasted, double-breasted, peak lapel, notch lapel, straight pockets, slanted pockets, and the options go on. Even choose the lining and the monogram that goes inside your suit.

Our qualified, experienced tailor with over 30 years experience will take dozens of measurements of your body to fine-tune our paper pattern. We keep that pattern on file for easier future reorders. Take the hassle out suit buying forever.

In approximately 3 weeks, your garments will be ready for the final fittings. It will take a couple of final fittings to fine-tune the garments. Once you go through this initial phase of final fittings, you will likely never need another.

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