MARISSA & ANGELO WEDDING: Creating custom gowns that match their brides’ dreams while maintaining form flattery. Using techniques, only found in high couture, each dress is delicately hand-finished and created with European materials. 

MARISSA & ANGELO WEDDING: I always was writing my novel about girls’ professional, intellectual, and emotional dreams. I found all the beautiful feelings and feelings at the wedding and love stories. Based on love and compassion, and I painted them in beautiful and wonderful ways. But when the moment approached, the scales differed my account, but I did not think I was confused at that moment.

After the mutual love between my fiancé and me, we decided to get married. And we started thinking about the ceremony, the people who would attend the service and the place.
The most important thing was the wedding dress for which I wrote so much in my stories and drew it in various forms.

 I decided to be like the simplicity of my relationship with my Angelo.
And I went to the Ztailoring and chose to be a simple dress and beautiful at the same time. Most beautiful moments that I was measuring the dress and imagine the concert in all its details.

Ztailoring Wedding Gown Marisa Angelo

In the end, I had a big smile on my lips, the beauty of my dress, the wedding dress. When the hour came, my father took my hand and brought me to the moment when our beautiful marriage announced.

My friends and loved ones were happy, and I would not have been happy without them. After the pictures and the beautiful moments.
I was thinking about how my new life would be with the person I loved And a beautiful son.


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