Nikki & Jean Claude

Nikki & Jean Claude: Creating custom gowns that match their brides’ dreams while maintaining form flattery. Using techniques, only found in high couture, each dress is delicately hand-finished and created with European materials.

I thought that selling clothes and persuading, and customers are tough. And the closer you get to any customer, the stronger I will be.
But it was not secure when I finished completing the pledge—watching those smiles and wonderful laughs painted on beautiful faces.

The only solution to the ordeal was in contact with Ztailoring.
Agreed with him on the pattern and fabric form, and the first professional knew it would be for the dresses when I wore the dress for the first time. I have felt a shift in my life each time I weigh the dress. When designer Nabeel finished making the dress was on top of the splendor.

everyone who saw the wedding dress was surprised by his decree on the faces of those around me. And especially when I put it on my bed.
A summit in the beauty and magnificence of the lace, and chiffon, satin, and tulle. Especially the most extended and beautiful Voile.
The party was imposing, especially the beautiful bride dress with beads and studs.

NIKKI picture
Nikki & Jean Claude

*This is the day of my marriage to the beloved Jean Claude that I have chosen from among many.
*Some of the photographs with the parents who attended the ceremony, and are happy with my marriage.

*The moment I announce my marriage from my second half, which will 

I complete my beautiful and flower-filled path.
*Often one in his imagination many things, and cute, but to be a fantasy with the presence of beautiful people complete our lives.
It is not enough for Jean and me to be happy, but happy to be satisfied with us who we love in our way.


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