This alteration assumes the waist band, or the skirt at the waist if there is no band, fits you fine. This alteration will only remove excess fabric from your hip level down. We are not messing with the waist or side seam zippers. They will stay as is.
Put the skirt on wrong side out. When the skirt is on your body wrong side out the left side of the skirt will be on your right side and vise versa but most of us have hips which are are fairly equal to each other in height and size so putting on the skirt wrong side out not only works but it will make the fitting/alteration go faster.



Stand in front of a mirror so as you pin you can check to see the new shape. Pinch and pin one side seam to gather the excess fabric on that side as much or as little as you need until you are satisfied with the shape you have pinned out. Try to keep the center front of the skirt on center front. You only need to pin out the excess fabric on one side of the skirt.

If you have a side zipper pin the side the zipper is in starting under the zipper. Be careful not to pull the fabric too tight as you pin or you may pull the skirt off center. You don’t want to remove all the excess fabric from the skirt from just the left side.Take the skirt off and lay it on your work surface.


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